CBL027: Tales from The Floor of Baltimore Comic Con

Time Stamps:
00:01:13: Interview with DC Artist Pop Mhan (He-Man & the Masters of the Universe)
00:04:00: Writer Rob Herell; Monster on the Hill
00:06:00: Chris Staros; Top Shelf publishing
00:10:20: Comics and Education
00:36:00: Comic Book Certification Service
00:38:45: Interview with Luke Foster, writer of Drawn Away
00:41:00: Sexy or Sexualized
01:09:30: Dean Stahl; writer of Headlocks and Headaches
01:11:15: Jeremy Bastian; writer /artist Cursed Pirate Girl
01:15:25: The Poop Office Webcomic
01:17:15: A Dog’s Life Webcomic