The name Comic Book Laundry comes from the fact that just like the laundry, our comics are always piling up. We never seem to have the time we want and need to keep up. Each episode we like to discuss the older comics we’ve been reading and giving our new takes on these books. We’ve also been branching out to talk about movies, TV and video games and have been trying to keep current with new releases.

We all met at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show in Reading, PA a bunch of years ago. Comic Geek Speak was our favorite podcast and pretty much the biggest and best comics podcast. We all ended up guest starring on an episode of Comic Timing describing our experience with the comic convention and became friends through that. We started recording our own podcast in the Summer of 2012.

The Comic Book Laundry staff are:

Chad Burdette, a professed reader of comic books, also enjoys homebrewing his own beer, trying to be physically active, watching the boxes of unread comics pile up in his room, and sitting on the front porch yelling at the neighborhood kids. If Chad had one piece of advice to give to listeners is that “It is illegal and immoral to slay your enemies, but if you eat nutritious food and outlive them, you can still dance on their graves.  There is nothing illegal or immoral about dancing.”

Harold Jennett started his first comic works in 2006 when he created MIMES with Wayne Cordova. Harold moved into the world of web comics with the Geek Syndicate Web Comic. Harold is currently working on Our Adventure Continues with Steeven Orr. Harold is currently 456 easy payments away from owning his own slurpee machine.

Bill English was awoken from his ancient slumber by Hydrogen bomb testing in the Pacific ocean in the 1950’s. Bill English is not a morning person and after wiping out most of Tokyo, has settled down and enjoys a quiet life of listening to music, playing video games, reading comic books and playing with his cat Loki.

Michael Yanulavich will be the downfall of humanity, he builds robots that build robots. When Skynet finally turns on us, it’s Yanni’s work that will ensure our efficient demise. Yanni knows a little bit about every comic and a whole lot about Marvel. He’s the guy that you were impressed with in our X-Men episode. When he got married a couple years ago, he had a full size (on the outside) TARDIS.

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