CBL026: Forever (Connection Problems)

Yanni, Chad and Bill talk comics we’ve read and SDCC 14 news… or at least we try to!

Walking Dead Humble Bundle can be found here.

Read more about Comixology’s DRM-free backups here.

Wait, Bill went to an X-Men burlesque show? Read a review here (NSFW).

Want to check out that picture of Wonder Woman? Here you go!


CBL024: Summer Vacation!

Yanni and Chad talk about what books they’ve been reading then Chad and Bill interview Luke Foster, writer and artist of Drawn Away: A Cartoonist Tours America.

From April 1st to July 27th 2013 Luke Foster toured America drawing cartoons along the way and uploading them to his website. Drawn Away is a collection of those comics and was successfully funded via Kickstarter on April 17th.

Check out Luke’s webcomic here!

Grab a copy of Drawn Away here!

You can also follow Luke on Twitter!



CBL023: Comic Book Laundry vs The Transformers

The guys sit down with special guest Will White to discuss Transformers in preparation for the new movie. What are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? This episode has more than meets the eye!


About our special guest:
After finding enough Obsidian to build a portal out of the Nether, Will White managed to find someone willing to put up with his vast, useless knowledge of everything geek. Upon having a youngling, Will’s goal in life is to continue to grow his knowledge of comics, movies, music and video games, so he can retain the position of Super Dad. As we all know, Knowledge is power and with power comes great accountability.


Like the song from the intro? Listen to it here!